How To Turn On Sprinkler System For Summer

The question is how frequently your sprinkler system should be in action. As a general rule, the system should not be opened until the threat of frost is passed.

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At the end of may, turn your sprinkler system back on again for the season to avoid overwatering your lawn before summer.

How to turn on sprinkler system for summer. County extension agents in colorado remind homeowners that the last frost date is around may 15, and sprinkler systems must not be activated until all danger of freezing pipes is past. Sometimes the sprinkler system won’t turn on because the pipes underground are broken or damaged. This is the fully open position.

Opening your sprinkler system for the season will depend on the weather conditions and your individual watering needs. Often tree roots have grown into the pipes causing them to have holes or to break. The problem with the approach is that even though south florida sees rain almost every day, the actual amounts can vary considerably.

Don’t do this too fast or you risk a surge of water blasting up through your backflow device or valves. For the most convenient time, it’s best to schedule your irrigation system check up appointment well in advance of summer. Turn on valves the stop and waste valve, also called the main sprinkler shutoff, allows you to disconnect the water running to the sprinkler systems without turning the water off to your house.

If it is still frozen, you could damage the system when you turn on the water. Summer sprinklers is proud to lead the industry in efficient irrigation services. The following sprinkler system spring startup procedure will help you do just this so you can water your lawn safely throughout the year:

How to prepare your sprinkler system for summer 1. Your lawn needs regular watering during warm weather to keep it green and lush throughout the summer. So, it’s essential to prepare your sprinkler system before summer comes.

Check for leaks, make sure the sprinklers turn off as scheduled, repair any damages, and position the sprinkler heads at the right height for optimal watering. 10 things to consider when preparing your sprinkler system for summer. We recommend you turn your sprinkler system back on is when the temperature outside stays above freezing overnight for.

Many individuals simply turn off their irrigation system during the summer months, relying on nature to provide the needed watering. The best time to turn your sprinkler system back on is when the temperature outside is past the point of freezing overnight. Once you’re ready to go, you can start to fill the pipes with water very slowly.

The best time to schedule a sprinkler system spring startup visit is in early spring, or at least before summer. There can also be water in the street from the broken pipe or air or dirt in the water. Slowly open the main shutoff valve to let water into the sprinkler system.

If you are an early planter, we recommend waiting to open your system until after april 15. Lawns need about ½ to ¾ inches of water twice a week to keep it healthy. We’ve taken watering systems to a whole new level by developing the most efficient and effective way to maintain a beautiful law.

There are plenty of considerations to ponder from the cost of water to conserving water, the possibility of repair due to overuse, even watering, and more. Turning the water back on with broken or poorly maintained equipment is a sure way to risk long term damage to your irrigation system, even if the timing is perfect. The average professional service call to turn on the sprinkler system is $125, and depending on the size of the system, it could be as low as $75, or as high as $1,000 or more.

There’s not much irrigation that goes on during winter and fall, but when summer is approaching, you need to ready your sprinkler for the intense work. Sprinkler systems are activated in different parts of the country depending on the area's last frost date and projected spring and summer weather. If you find that it is time to turn your water back on, make sure to slowly and check your sprinkler heads for any debris, hard water, or anything that could block it.

How to open your irrigation system. The time required to turn on the irrigation system may be as little as 30 mins up to a couple of hours depending on the size and complexity of the system. One indicator is if there are potholes or sink holes in the yard.

Just a few simple steps will go a long way towards saving water. Sprinkler service companies typically perform this service in early april through june. The summer is here and that means it is time to put your clearwater sprinkler system into action.

If you’re experiencing leaks, water runoff, or any other type of problem with your sprinklers, turn to the team that knows best. A fully functioning sprinkler system can help keep your lawn nice and hydrated in the summer heat.

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