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They may be threaded together so you may need to use a wrench. It should still be connected to the gas line at this point, so you don’t want to pull too hard and damage it.

How to Install a WoodBurning Fireplace Insert This Old

To remove a fireplace surround, you’ll need to find what’s attaching it to the wall.

How to remove a fireplace insert youtube. It's easier than removing a gas insert because it's not necessary to remove or disconnect gas lines. Hearths, on the other hand, may need to be replaced sooner due to damage. If there is any flashing nailed to the framing, remove the nails holding the insert in place, then disassemble as many parts of the insert as possible, including.

Install drywall over the fireplace opening. Shut off the gas at the meter, 2. A prefab fireplace is an appliance not unlike a stove.

In a prefabricated fireplace, however, the firebox is essentially just a metal insert that is connected to the frame or mantel of the fireplace as well as to the metal chimney. Put thick carpet in front of the hearth. In our project, we installed drywall over the entire wall to cover old paneling.

Use a black gas pipe cap. In a masonry fireplace, it is not separate from the rest of the system. Frame in the firebox opening to ensure stability and to provide a place to nail in the drywall.

All the trims around the device need to be removed. Use a crowbar to pry the insert of place. Remove the logs, lava rocks and any other pieces inside the fireplace.

If work strategically, however, and use the minimum amount of force required to remove the fireplace surround, you can get it done without damaging the walls. Do not use a plug in a fitting. Removing a fireplace or a chimney is certainly a job you can do yourself.

And of course, everything in between. Disassemble any vents, pipes, and other pieces. What i am after is how to get the fireplace out and replace it without having to rip out a wall.

We renovated the kitchen a couple of years later and removed the fireplace surround and back panel, along with the fireplace insert. I am definitely having trouble as to what to do to remove this thing though. Slowly remove the fireplace insert.

If you need to replace the firebox, you will need to disassemble and remove the existing firebox. An unlined wood stove insert needs to be pulled out by the chimney sweep in order to properly access and clean all areas of the masonry chimney and fireplace cavities. If you approach removing your fireplace surround like an ordinary demolition job, you'll needlessly damage the surrounding walls.

Once you have the insert where you can see the connections, you can unhook them. Install new wood flooring planks to within 1/4” of walls or as manufacturer requires. We are trying to remove our old wood burning fireplace from our prefab built cove/wall.

Remove all gas pipe back to area desired. Use the yellow teflon tape, because it is approved and has consistent thickness, or use teflon pipe dope. The reason for removing a fireplace may vary, but many reasons may be that extra space is needed, the fireplace is damaged or you just do not use it often enough.

I was kind of expecting it to easily detach from the. Attempting to remove wood fireplace insert. This project will take you some “grunt” time depending on … how to remove a chimney or fireplace yourself read more »

This also allows a proper inspection to determine if any chimney repair needs to occur inside of the house ( rarely is an interior repair needed.) Wiggle it down on your carpet. How to remove a prefab fireplace.

I hope i'm asking in the right place! Disconnect the gas line using an adjustable wrench. We're finally going to install a gas one.

Find the screws or bolts holding the insert to the chimney by lying down. How to remove a wood burning fireplace insert. However, over time, fireplaces need to be replaced or remodeled for various reasons.

A plug can crack if tightened to tight. It's made of metal, and may have an interior facing that is designed to look like brick. A fireplace is often a focal point for many a great room, living room, dining room or even bedroom.

Fireplace surrounds are typically hollow structures (as shown below) and so can be attached to the wall with metal brackets located at the edges of the surround, or even.

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