지중해 주변 여러 나라에서 폭발적인 사랑을 받로 있는 아니스 풍미의 리큐르들

리카르드 Ricard
전세계에서 애음되고 있는 리큐르의 황제








파스티스 51
Pastis 51



블랙 삼부카
Opal Nera sambuca



요코하마 Yokohama


'오후의 죽음' Death in the Afternoon


마티니 NO.5 Martini MO.5


파스티스 오렌지 Pastis Orange

페로케 Perroquet


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임수근 추천 세계 우수 요리 사이트

임수근 추천 세계요리 사이트

임수근 세계우수 다이어트 요리 가이드

임수근 세계 호텔 요리음료 백과사전

임수근 미국 우수 음식 프랜차이즈 가이드

Asian Fast Food(아시아 패스트 푸드서비스)

8-129.Manchu Wok in Deerfield Beach FL
8-130.Samurai Sam's Teriyaki Grill in Scottsdale AZ
8-131.Made in Japan,Terriyaki Experience Oakville ON
8-132.Edo Japan Inc in Calgary AB

Bakery Products-Bagels(베이글 빵서비스)

8-133.Big Apple Bagels in Chicago IL

8-134.Manhattan Bagel in eatontown NJ

Bakery Producs-Breads(빵제공 서비스)

8-135.Saint Louis Bread Co./Panera Bread) in Webster Groves MO
8-136.Atlanta BreadCo. in Smyma GA
8-137.Great Harvest Franchising in Dillon MT
8-138.Breadsmith in Whitefish Bay WI
8-140.House of Bread in San Luis Obispo CA

Bakery Products-Cinnamon Rolls(시나몬롤케익)

8-141.Cinabon Inc. in Atlanta GA

8-142.CinnaMonster in Englewood CO
8-143.Ginnzeo in Calgary AB

Bakery Products-Pretzels(프레젤)

8-144.Auntie Anne's Inc. in Gap PA
8-145.Wetzel's Pretzels in Pasadena CA
8-146.The Pretzel Twister in Naples FL
8-147.We're rolling Pretzel Co. in Alliance OH

Chicken Wings(닭날게서비스)

8-148.Buffalo Wild Wings in Minneaplis MN
8-149.Wingstop Restaurants Inc. in Garland TX
8-150.Wing Zone Franchise Corp. in Atlanta GA

Bakery Products-Donuts(도너츠)

8-151.Dunkin's Donuts in Randolph MA
8-152.Winchell's Donut House in Santa Ana CA
8-153.Southern Maid Donut Flour Co. in Garland TX

Chicken,Miscellaneous(기타 닭요리 서비스)

8-154.Poppeyes Chicken & Biscuits in Atlanta GA
8-155.KFC Corp. in Louisville KY
8-156.Church's Chicken in Atlanta GA
8-157.Bojangles's Restaurants Inc. in charlotte NC
8-158.El Pollo Loca in Irvine CA
8-159.Golden chick in Dallas TX


8-160.The Coffee Beanery in Flushging MI
8-161.Gloria Jean's gourmet Coffees Franch.Corp. in Castroville CA

Fish & Chip(피쉬 앤 칩)

8-162.Long John Silver's Restaurants Inc.
8-163.Captian D's Seafood in Nashville TN

Frozen Desserts-Custard(겨자)

8-164.Culver Franchising system Inc. in Prairie du Sac WI
8-166.Julie Ann's Frozen Custard in McHenny IL

Frozen Desserts-Ice Cream & Yogurt
(아이스크림과 요그르트)

8-167.Dairy Queen in Minneapolis MN
8-168.Baskin-Robbins USA Co.in Randolph MA
8-169.Yogen Fruz Worldwide in Markham ON

8-170.The Haagen-Dars Shopppe Co.Inc.in Minneapolis MN
8-171.Bruster's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream & Yogurt in Bridgewater PA
8-172.Cold Stone Cereamery inScottsdale AZ
8-173.Tastee Freez in Utica MI

8-174.Marble Slav Creamery Inc. in Houston TX
8-175.MaggleMoo's Ice Cream & Treatery in Columbia MD
8-176.Carvel in Famington CT
8-177.Petrucci's Ice Cream Co.In Langhome PA

Frozen Desserts-Shaved Ice

8-178.Rita's Water Ice in Bensalem PA
8-179.Morrone's Italina Ices/Homemade Ice Cream


8-180.McDonald's in Oak Brook IL
8-181.Sonic Drive in Restaurants in Oklahoma City OK
8-183.Back Yard Burgers Inc in Memphis TN
8-184.Farmer Boys in riverside CA
8-185.Flamers Charburgers in Jacksonville Beach FL

Hot Dogs(핫도그)

8-186.Wienerschnitzel in Newport Beach CA
8-187.Dog n Suds Drive in restaurants Inc.in Avon IN
8-188.Nathan's Famous Inc. in Westbury NY

Italian Food(이태리음식제공업)

8-189.Sbarro the Itallian Eatery in Melville NY
8-190.Fazoli's systems Inc. in Lexington KY
8-191.Mrs. Vanelli's Fresh Italian Foods in Oakville ON

Juice Bars(쥬스바)

8-192.Smoothie King in Kenner LA
8-193.Planet Smoothie in Atlanta GA
8-194.Maui Wowi Smoothies in Englewood CO


8-202.Hungry Howie's Pizza & subs in Madison Heights MI
8-203.Buck's Pizza in DuBois,PA
8-204.Breadeaux Pisa Inc in St.Joseph MO
8-205.East of Chicago Pizza Company in williard OH

8-206.Pizza Factory Inc in Oakhurst CA
8-207.Marco's Inc. in Toledo OH
8-208.Pizza Inn Inc. in Dallas TX
8-209.Villa Enterprises in Morristown NJ

8-211.Mr.Jims Pizza Addison TX
8-212.Extreme Pizza in San Francisco CA
8-213.Greco Pizza-Donair in Truro NS
8-214.Papa Murphy's in vancouver WA
8-215.Figaro's Italian Pizza in Salem OR

Mexicans Fast Food(멕시칸 패스트 푸드)

8-195.Taco Bell Corp in Irvine CA
8-196.Taco John's International Inc. in cheyenne,WY
8-197.Del Taco Inc. in Laguna Hills CA
8-198.Taco time Internatinal Inc. in eugene OR

8-199.The Taco Maker in Ogden UT
8-200.La Salsa Inc. in Santa Barbara CA
8-201.Taco Palace Franchising Corp. in Monett MO

Sandwiches-Philly Cheesesteack
(샌드위치 필리 치즈스테이크)

8-216.Charley's Steakery in Columbus OH
8-217.The Great Steak & Potato Co. in Hamilton OH
8-218.The Steak Escape in Columbus OH
8-219.South Philly Steaks & Fries in Staten Island NY

Sandwiches-Submarien(샌드위치 서브머린)

8-220.Subway in Milford CT
8-221.The Quizno's Corp in Dever CO
8-222.Biimpie International Inc. in Atlanta GA

8-223.Jesey Mile's Submarines & Salads in Wall NJ
8-224.Cousins Subs in Menomonee Falls WI
8-225.Port of Subs in reno NV

8-226.Togo's Eastery in Randolph MA
8-227.Mr.Goodcents Franchise Systems Inc. in Lenexa KS
8-228.Zero's Subs in Wirginia Beach VA
8-229.Sub Station II in sumter SC
8-230.Larry's Giant Subjs in Jacksonville FL


8-231.Arby's inc in Ft.Lauderbale.FL
8-232.New York Burrito Goumet Wraps in Mesa AZ
8-233.Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich Shops in Elgin IL
8-234.McAlister's Dell i Ridgeland MS

8-235.Penn Station East Coast Subs in Cincinnati OH
8-236.Pickerman's Soup & Sandwich Shop
8-237.Moe's Italian Sabndwiches in Portmouth NH
8-238.Great Wraps Inc. in Atlanta GA

Miscellaneous Fast Food(기타 패스트푸드)

8-239.Orion food Systems Inc. in Sioux Falls SD
8-240.Steak-Out Franchising Inc, in Norcross GA
8-241.Orange Julius of America in Menneapolis MN
8-242.Happy Joe's in Bettendorf IA

8-243.Treat Street in Staten Island NY
8-244.Anderson's Frozen custard & Roast Beef in Williamsville NY
8-245.Desert Moon Cafe in Valley Cotage NY
8-246.Greenleaf's Grille in Staten Island NY
8-247.Off the Grill Franchising Inc in Franklin TN


Barbecue Restaurants(바베큐레스토랑)

8-248.Colter's Bar-B-Q in Dallas TX
8-249.Damon's International in columbus OH
8-250.Tony Roma's in Dallas TX
8-252.R.J. Boar's Franchising Corp. in Davenport IA

Family Restaurants(패밀리 레스토랑)

8-253.Denny's Inc. in Spartanburg.SC
8-254.International House of Pancakes Inc. in Glendale CA
8-255.Friendly Restaurants Franchise Inc in wilbraham MA
8-256.Huddle House in Decatur GA
8-257.Perkins Restaurnts & Bakery Memphis TN
8-258.The Griddle Family Restaurants in Willowdale ON


8-259.Golden Corral Franchising Systems Inc. in Releigh NC
8-260.Ponderosa Steakhouse in Plano TX

Miscellaneous Full Service Restaurants(기타 레스토랑)

8-261.Bennigan's Grill & Tavern in Plano TX
8-262.Fuddrukers in Beverly MA
8-263.5 & Diner Franchise Corp. Mesa AZ
8-264.Winger's Diner in Salt Lake City UT

8-265.The Melting Pot Restaurants Inc.
8-266.Garfield's Restaurants & Pub
8-267.Goodfella's Old World Brick Oven Piza in Staten Island NY
8-268.Harvey Washbangers in Nashville TN

8-270.MD Pluckers Wing Factory & Grill in Autin TX
8-271.Samuel Mancino's Italian Eastery in Portage MI


8-272.Rocky Mountain Chocolate Facotry in durango CO
8-274.Candy Express in Columbia MD
8-275.Schakolad Chocolate Factory

Covenience Store(컴비니언스 스토아)

8-276.7-Eleven Inc. in Dallas TX
8-277.Express mart Franchising Corp. in Dewitt NY

Gourmet Food Gifts

8-278.Candy Bouquet in Little rock AR
8-279.Cookies by Design/Cookie Bouquet in Lano TX
8-280.Cookies in Bloom in Irving TX
8-281.The Connoisseur in Redondo Beach CA

Vitamin Stores(비타민판매)

8-282.GNC Franchising Inc. in Pittsburgh PA
8-283.Great Earth Vitamins in Hicksville NY

Miscellaneous Food Sales/Services(기타 식품판매)

8-284.HeavnlyHam in rosewell GA
8-285.Happy & Healthyt Products Inc. n Boca Raton FL
8-286.Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating in Ottawa IL
8-287.Cafe Ala Carte in Weston FL